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        GK1C-B diesel locomotive
        Author:admin Date:2009-07-31 Source:本站原创



        GK1C-B locomotive is designed to meet the market demand, which is 1,500HP hydraulic-diesel locomotive (axle load is 25t). Axle arrangement is B-B and Max. speed is 35/75km/h. This locomotive is applicable for shunting and transferring services in industrial enterprises, such as the mine, metallurgy, petrifaction and port enterprises.

        This locomotive is installed with 6240ZJD diesel engine (service power is 1,100kW). When the diesel engine’s rotation speed is 1000r/min, its rated power is 1,200kW. This diesel engine adopts pulse supercharging system, so that can further improve the economical efficiency of fuel under partial load of diesel engine.

        The carbody adopts all-steel electric welded structure. It is divided into front machine room, power room, transmission-cooling room, driver’s cab and rear machine room.

        This locomotive adopts hydraulic reversing technology. There are two pieces of toque converter shafts in the ZJ4015GY hydraulic transmission box. When the toque converter on one shaft is fed with oil, locomotive is running forwards; while the toque converter on the other shaft is fed with oil, locomotive is running backwards. Therefore, the running direction change can be fulfilled by feeding or exhausting the oil of two toque converter shafts. If the forward service is changed into the backward service, just only need to shift the master controller handle; this action is rapid and reliable, has function of dynamic brake, and also can reduce the abrasion of brake shoes. There is service condition changeover mechanism at the lower part of hydraulic transmission box, so can place the service handle at the shunting or transferring position according to the application requirement.

        There is computer control device in the locomotive control system, so that can greatly reduce the electric failure rate of locomotive. The main components and parts on GK1C-B locomotive can be exchanged with components and parts on GK series locomotives.

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