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        CKD7F diesel locomotive
        Author:admin Date:2009-07-31 Source:本站原创


        CKD7F diesel locomotive is designed for Vietnam State Railways, which is meter-gauged passenger & freight electric-diesel locomotive on main line. Caterpillar 3512B electro-injection diesel engine, JF221 synchronous main generator or JF217B auxiliary generator and TQDR-310 traction motor are installed in this locomotive.

        With truss-type sidewall support structure at upper part of locomotive (inside corridor), the locomotive has one cab on each end, in either which locomotive can be controlled. From front end to rear end, there is end-I cab, electric apparatus room, power room, cooling room and end- cab. The fuel tank is fixed beneath the middle of the main frame with batteries on both sides. The running part of the locomotive consists of two units of interchangeable three-axle bogies for which a low four-rod mechanism traction and roller bearing journal box. The traction motor is suspended from the axle of the wheel set. Type JZ-7 brake is used for the braking system, which makes it possible to brake the locomotive independently or together with the whole train.

        This diesel locomotive has computer control system, train power supply control system, signal automatic receiving system, air supply system with dual pipes and dynamic brake device. The supply power from locomotive to train is 250kW. This locomotive has characteristics of advanced technology, good performance and high reliability.   


        Application railway: Vietnam meter-gauged Railways

        Track gauge:1000mm

        Calculated weight in working order:78t


        Min. negotiable curve radius: 100mon main line

                                      70mon branch line

        Max. speed:120km/h

        Continuous speed:14.7km/h     

        Max. starting traction force: 355.2kNStarting current limitation

                                       250kNAdhering limitation μ0=0.327

        Continuous traction force: 224kN (Continuous current limitation)

                                     200kNAdhering limitation

        Max. brake power of locomotive:1243.8kW

        Max. dynamic brake force:162kN

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