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        CK6 diesel locomotive
        Author:admin Date:2009-07-31 Source:本站原创



        CK6 diesel locomotive is designed for the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Company, which is meter-gauged hydraulic-diesel locomotive. Its service power is 77kW; axle arrangement is B-B; Max. speed is 65km/h. This locomotive is applicable for shunting and transferring services on Tanzania-Zambia Railway or similar railway.

        This locomotive adopts all-steel combined welded structure carrying the body and outside corridor structure. From the front to the rear, there is cooling room, power room, driver’s cab and rear machine room. In the power room, there is a Cummins KTTA38-L diesel engine (it is four-stroke, medium-speed diesel engine for locomotive, V-shape, 60°, 12-cylinder, gas exhaust turbocharger, direct injection combustion chamber). Main transmission system of locomotive adopts ZJ4014GYC hydraulic transmission box, which is placed at the power room together with the diesel engine. If the forward service is changed into the backward service, just only need to shift the master controller handle during the operation of locomotive; this action is rapid and reliable, especially suitable for shunting service. There is service mechanism in the transmission box. The shunting and transferring service of locomotive can be fulfilled by means of service handle, so that can expand the speed scope of locomotive. The brake system of locomotive adopts JZ-6 air-vacuum brake device, so that this locomotive not only can control the trains with the vacuum brake system, but also can control trains with air brake system.

        Electric control system of this locomotive adopts the FX2 series PLC (having higher reliability) as the core of control circuit. This locomotive has the protection functions, such as the over-speed protections of locomotive and diesel engine. At the same time, there is vigilance device in this locomotive.

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