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          EPC Contract on Gas Power Plant in Chongqing Liyuan Dam
        On 8th March, from the New Industrial Dept. of CSR Ziyang, the reporter notices that the preparation of process flow diagrams of Two Gas Gensets for Chongqing Liyuan Dam Coal Mine will soon end. It no

          Appearance on AusRAIL PLUS 2012 for CSR’s Glory
        From 27th to 28th Nov., CSR Ziyang appeared on the AusRAIL PLUS 2012 and Congress. AusRAIL PLUS and Congress is the most authoritative Flagship-type Exhibition in Australia railway industry to r

          CSR Ziyang Passing the Review of Enterprise Credit Quality AAA-grade of Sichuan Province
        CSR Ziyang News   The site assessment of “Enterprise Credit Quality AAA-grade of Sichuan Province” was carried out successfully by Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Sichuan

          China Masters a New Technology Process of Crankshaft Forging for Large Compressors
                On October 15, reporter from CSR Ziyang Co., Ltd. was informed that the company’s project of “Forging process research of seven -throw crankshaft for large compressors” has passed the Sichu

          Hybrid Locomotive Has Achieved Advanced International Standard
                       On October 15th,reporter learned that the first AC transmission hybrid shunting locomotive in china developed by CSR Ziyang Co., Ltd. has passed the Scientific and Technological Achie

          Crankshaft Industry Successfully Enter into Petro-chemistry Field
          On October8,the first 8 fracturing pump crankshafts(5L) have already been delivered to the customer,marking that the company has successfully entered into petro-chemistry field,which not only fo

          Traction Mileage of SDA1 Single Locomotive Exceeding 100,000 kM
        There is good news of our developed six units of AC driving diesel locomotive, which are firstly exported to Australia in China. Having been put into operation for half year, this batch of locomotive 

          Strategic Emerging Industry Shining on Western China International Fair
            From 25th to 30th Sept., 13th Western China International Fair (WCIF) was held in Sichuan China, which is the first International Exhibition to concentrated exhibit the development achieve

          CSR won two orders for locomotive from Kazakhstan within the year
          After an interval of 80 days on September 10, CSR Ziyang Co., Ltd “scored two goals” in the same market within the same year, winning the order for 10 more diesel-electric crane locomotives after

          “Ziyang Manufacturing” BRADKEN Locomotive Ribbon-cutting Ceremony Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Sino-Australia Diplomatic Relations
        On 17th, August 2012, our company grandly held completion ceremony to the 500th unit of export locomotive, i.e. Locomotive for BRADKEN in Australia. This BRADKEN locomotive just coincided with expo
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